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I don't settle into single themes well. I know many artists get into a particular style and a particular image or a particular area of exploration such that their works are recognisable at thirty paces (Jackson Pollock for example) - and they keep that going for long 'periods'. My head doesn't work like that. It's the ideas behind the various manifestations that maintain the outward forms. So I look for a variety of materials and techniques to express my ideas. Their outward realisation may well be a drawing, painting, sculpture or a sound sculpture.  

Ideas change - not that we abandon what we have but we move on.... So in 2014 I was working in abstract form with wood and the geometries that arise from chance juxtaposition.  Whilst rooting in wood stocks I found a lot of worm eaten wood. Competition for the material!. They think its theirs and I think its mine. Woodworkers know the sinking feeling of finding their fine timbers destroyed but I thought in a moment to embrace the new ownership and consider their  work to be an inout state. My first experiment was to use a carving chisel in a large piece of walnut to 'follow' where the woodworm had gone, carving until there were no signs of their occupation. I became interested in what directed their paths. Why did they not spread into this other area area seemingly softer and sweeter? (You might guess that I began to understand they way they move. The 'rules' for their movement I deduced and these became a new work in itself. Image a Richard Long map journey for woodworm. The woodworm series then launched into an exploration of the form of the  channels and holes, and how it might be to take their word for it, and see the piece of wood from their point of view.  The carvings and drawings began to take on new forms and after a while I introduced the red line.

The red line is taken taken from a few spiritual traditions and represents broadly, the thread of life. The line began to appear in my other works and I realised that the line belonged (retrospectively ) to some of the early carvings. The line has grown through the charcoal and  red line series (see Drawings) and more recently into the larger canvases (See Paintings). That red lines have entered my work I should say that in my mind they are the same red line. That exists in them all. 

I'm not sure what happens when I begin work on landscape series in  Tuscany later this year. I'll have to wait and see how things manifest.  I expect to be fascinated by convolute forms though. 

See WOOD section for more thoughts about woodworm.


Wormholes. Of course I would end up thinking about Wormholes - me being a space-kid and all.. The Charcoal series (Drawings)  links the red lines of life with something about wormholes in space. Artwork can take you from one place to another in an instant. I recall the effect of standing so close that I got dizzy and felt transported in consideration of Pollocks 'Lavender Mist'. (Never, by the way, try to even speak about Jackson Polllock until you have seen it in a gallery. The small reproduction in the little book you are holding is like  trying to gain nourishment by reading a menu that has pictures in it.