The View of the world from the Woodworm's point of view




The Woodworm Credo


The wood is all that is the case

The meaning of a piece of wood is its use.

We have a right to be. A right to live prosper;  we are our world.

We made these tunnels. We are borers.

The wood is ours, it is our home, it was the home of our parents.

It is our food: our birthright - how is this different from your world?


We did not chose this place: We were delivered:  there are stories.

There has been a billion generations before us and even now we outnumber you. 

The mother laid eggs (so may eggs) and we emerged

We suckle at the pulp and grow. It is all we know.

We were made to eat and excrete. 

We move and flow, behind us, our compacted faeces. We can only move forwards.

 Is it the same for you?


You think we are an occupation, an invader, but we were born here. 

You were not.

You think we do damage to the wood. 

We follow rules - we are not without law. 

We eat along sap lines, and branch at 9 degrees

When we have to find more moisture. We cut up and down, seldom across. 

We like it cold and damp.

You like it warm and dry

We do not go against the grain.

Self Knowledge

We do not ‘know’ what we are doing. We follow our programming. 

We know little of systems. 

We are programmed to survive, to eat, to excrete, to grow and transform. 

There are rumours of the flighted beetles we will become. 

You will see the dust from our exodus

You will see the hole and you will have no idea of what we have built inside the wood.

What we have built is magnificent.  It is a city.

Our architecture is born of our instincts. What we do is natural. We are borers.


We speculate about your existence. 

This  is our message to you but we cannot know if you will 

read it and understand it.

We have a limited picture of facts with which to shape thoughts

We chew pulp, sleep, then wake long enough to know that we are dreaming. 

We consider our existence from time to time but try not to let it have real value. 

We pretend it is something for others to worry about.

How is your life different?

There are things we have not spoken about - of these we must remain silent.