I Mapped these in 'Scapple' first. If you don't know the program... it has revolutionised my tools for writing and this is the first one I reach for. 



I was thinking about the basis of Abstract painting and I found some questions lurking in my mind -things that were bothering - a sort of  submarine turbulence.

Thinking about abstraction is like threading apiece of string from one ear to the other through your brain then concentrating such that you can tie a knot in the middle - MJKM



1    Depth

Can there be depth in an abstract work without referencing figurative art. That is to say - we cannot  use perspectival techniques, or aerial perspective without reading into a world we may be trying to move away from.  Colour theory suggests that colours can lie in foreground or background. Diffuse edges over a solid plane might read as depth. If we look at a typical Barnett Newman zip painting and ask, is there any sense of depth? Am I trying to see a depth, does the infant element jump out. It is true we can read the paying very often as a gap in two dark panels revealing a line of colour in an implied 'behind'. What those colours were reversed?